B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Design) Fabric


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Files over 100MB can not be uploaded. You must provide a link the file in Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. or email them to daisy@notonelinedesigns.com.

It is your responsibility to make sure your design is seamless (if that’s how you want it to be), AT LEAST 300 dpi, and AT LEAST the size of your chosen scaling. No refunds are given if any of these requirements are not met and your design does not print how you thought it would.

If ordering transparent vinyl, it is your responsibility to make sure your design has a transparent background.

If you are uploading a design that is not square, your scaling needs to be the scale you want the LARGER DIMENSION to be. For example, you have a designs that is wider than it is high/long and you want the width to be 6 inches, you would choose 6×6 scale. If you want the height/length to be 6 inches, you need to drop the designs into a program that allows you to resize an image. Set the height to the 6 inches you want, see what that makes the width and that width number is the scale number you need to choose.

Orders are submitted to the manufacturers to start printing every Monday. You MUST have your orders in by NOON (PST) Friday to guarantee to make it in the order for the following Monday.

TAT is 5-7 weeks. Holidays, and/or shipping inconveniences may delay delivery.

A note on scaling: Be sure to pay attention to the designs you are ordering. The smaller the scale the more illegible small details, fine lines, and words will be. Pay attention to whether or not things are already repeated in the designs as well. To figure out what scale you need you should take the size of your project, decided how many time you want the design repeated on a piece and do the math. For example, if you’re making a bag that’s 9″x12″ about, and you want the design repeated twice, we suggest ordering 4″x4″-6″x6″. You may always contact us BEFORE ordering for scaling suggestions, but the decision is always yours. We are not responsible if the scale you choose does not look like what you thought it would. There will be NO REFUNDS for choosing a scale you end up not liking. SCALING IS THE SIZE YOU WANT THE DESIGN REPEATED AT, IT IS NOT THE SIZE YOU WANT A SINGLE ELEMENT WITHIN THE DESIGN TO BE.

Real life colors may differ due to camera and monitor settings. Also, every printer prints differently just as every fabric base takes color differently. Exact colors can never be guaranteed and it is impossible to match what you get from other sources.

Get more details on all our fabrics bases on our fabric bases page HERE!

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